Nrushinghanath Temple


Nrushinghanath : Nrushinghanath is a popular pilgrim spot in Bargarh district of Orissa. For the past few centuries, lakhs of people go there every year in search of peace and solace. Lord Nrushinghanath is the presiding deity of the sacred mount Gandhamardhan endearing multitude of memories, astonishingly amalgamating the legends of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Buddhist Era; even reminiscent of Bhoj Raj, Sant Kabir and Tantracharya Nagarjuna.

The temple of Nrushingnath was built in the 15th century and is divided into two parts. This temple attracts a large number of devotees. Papaharini is the main perennial flow of the Gandhamardhan, and it means the destroyer of sins. It is symbolic of Sanatan, the continuum of past, present and future. Flowing out of the confluence of seven fountains, called saptadhar, it has an average width of twelve feet. No man made tributary can flow into it. Nothing can pollute or adulterate this holy stream.

It is a much visited pilgrim destination. There are many large Shiva temples in the Bargarh district. The most important are the asta sambhu or the eight Shiva temples namely, Bimaleswar temple, Kedarnath temple, Baidyanath temple, Balunkeswar temple, Mandhata temple, Swapneswar temple, Visweswar temple and the Nilakantheswar temple. Apart from the religious fervour, the artistic beauty of the temple is a major attraction for the pilgrimage tourists.