Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple, Puri

Puri is situated on the Eastern Sea-board of INDIA. It is popular for its Historical antiquities and religious shrines. Endowed with a long stretch of sunny beach, where beauty sky in radiant colours, the roaring waves and the golden beach can be experienced, idyllic lake and many more tourist attractions. The district is replete with a variety of temples representing various branches of KalingaSchool of architecture. Here the tourists can comfortable relax on the beach and accomodate them selves in luxurious Hotels, where atmosphere of the past is happily blended with combination of Sun, Sand and Sea for the present day visitors in place of Mathas, Mandirs and Mahants of the by-gone years.



AREA :                                     3051 Sq.km.

ALTITUDE:                            SEALEVEL

POPULATION:                     1,30,600 (1991 Census)

TEMPERATURE :                  SUMMER – 39.9­o C

WINTER – 17.1o C

RAIN FALL :                              135.23 CM



CLOTHING:                              LIGHT COTTON in Summer and LIGHT WOOLEN in WINTER

BEST SEASON:                        ROUND THE YEAR


Being the seat of LORD JAGANNATH, it is also known as PURUSOTTAM KHSHETRA. From ancient times the LORD was being worshipped as “NEELA MADHABA” by SABAR (Tribal) king VISWABASU. INDRADYUMNA errected a small temple and worshipped HIM, which was destroyed in course of time. After some centuries YAJATIKESARI created another temple for Deities BALABHADRA, JAGANNATH and SUBHADRA. The present gigantic temple of 65meters of LORD JAGANNATH was built in 12th century A.D. by CHODAGANGADEV, which dominates the Land scape kilometers around.


It is generally believed that before installation of JAGANNATH, Neelamadhab was the only presiding ‘Deity’ and so even now this image is being worshipped. According to Skanda Purana, Lord Nrusingha was being worshipped at NeelaGiri (BlueMountain) i.e. Puri along with NEELA MADHABA. At present Nrusingha is being worshipped in a separate temple adjacent to Mukti Mandap (a pedestral) some scholars state that the Nrusingha temple was constructed prior to the construction of the present temple of JAGANNATH. It is stated in the SKANDAPURANA-UTTAR KHANDA (an holy epics) that the image of Neelamadhab was made of “Neela Kanta Mani” (Emerald). The Present image is of Neem Wood.